Bins Babes

Bins Babes

From the 89c/lb. bin to the runway.
Portland's Goodwill "Bins" sells clothing by the pound. We create stunning looks on a taco bell budget.

Pierre Cardin, January 2012

imageModel: James & Mikhail

Materials: red INC blazer, midnight blue velvet belt, baby blue 100% cotton blazer, red belt

Price: .75 lb = $0.66


Oscar Carvallo Spring/Summer 2013

imageModel: Crystel, Photo: Alex

Material: ombré polyester curtain, lavender scarf, white pillow case (sash)


Price: 0.2 lb = $0.18

Valentino Autumn/Winter ‘13

Model: Kimya

Materials: men’s small pinstriped button up shirt, white button up, black sweater (used as a skirt)

Price: 1.3 lb = $1.16


Versace, Spring 2013 Couture Collection

Model: Imani, Photo: Alex

Materials: neon yellow fabric, red suspender

Price: 0.6 lb = $0.53


Marc Jacobs Print Ad, Elle Magazine

imageModel: Sam, Photo: Alex

Materials: Worn Leather Messenger Bag, Red Fleece Blanket

Price: 1.6 lb = $1.42

Note: Interior Design (couch) also by the Bins. Not included in listed price.

Marios Schwab Fall 2013

Model: Nat, Photo: Alex

Materials: Bathrobe, frilly scarf (waistband), hot pink shorts, penny loafers, gray henley

Price: 2.0 lb = $1.78

Source: W magazine

Bottega Veneta, Spring Summer 2013

Model: Anna, Photo: Alex

Materials: Target Merona beige dress (cut into strips), brown leather belt

Price: 0.6 lb = $0.53


Missoni, Spring 2013

Model: Ezra, Photo: Alex

Materials: Electric blue Roxy Girls hoodie, blue satin shirt (garter), neon blue rolled jorts, puddle-seasoned DC classics.

Price: 2.9 lb = $2.58


"Behold the best new local fashion blog: Bins Babes! In it, intrepid locals do their best to recreate looks from the runways using only clothing from the Goodwill Bins and money fished from under the couch cushions. Now that’s dedication.” -BlogtownPDX of the Portland Mercury

Dolce & Gabbana, Spring 2013, Ready to Wear Collection, Part 2


Model: Tessa, Photo: Alex

Materials: orange and yellow floral fabric (with head-hole alteration), black and white Xhilaration tube top (skirt waistband), black and gray stretchy shirt (skirt), bright blue fabric (hair band)

Price: 1.1 lb = $0.98


Dolce & Gabbana, Spring 2013, Ready to Wear Collection


Model: Amelia, Photo: Alex

Materials: light blue Japanese inspired nightgown, turquoise ribbon (sash), orange shirt (hair accessory) 

Price: 0.8 lb = $0.70


Undercover, Fall Ready to Wear Collection, 2006


Model: Alex, Photo: Alex

Materials: gray sheet (hat and scarf), light gray slightly-worn flannel shirt, black Kirkland jeans

Price: 2.5 lb = $2.23


Macklemore supports bins babes.

Vivienne Tam, Fall/Winter 2013


Model: Nick, Photo: Alex, Makeup: Tessa

Materials: The Limited black dress (one sleeve cut off), white pillow case (scribbled on with sharpie)

Price: 1.9 lb = $1.69


Gucci Spring 2013


Model: Ezra, Photo: Alex

Materials: pink button-up shirt, hot pink pants, pink sash

Price: 3 lb = $2.67